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Jenz 561 DQ crane fed tracked chipper

Crane fed tracked chipper.JPG

Jenz / PRN Hybrid

Chipper 561DQ
Crane - Epsilon M70
Base - CAT
Horsepower: 500hp + 102hp

Weight: 29 t

Max in-feed diameter 600 mm

This is our very popular high capacity tracked chipper. It is ideally suited for whole tree chipping on site and can be used to chip into trailers within the wood or used at roadside chipping directly in walking floor lorries.

Depending on the material being chipped it can process up to 35 green tonnes / hour. It uses a 500 hp Mercedes engine to run the chipper and a 102hp Deutz engine to run the crane and track base.

This machine is being used more and more to follow our Tree Shear on site clearance jobs in combination with our hook bin tractor / trailer combination or where the arisings have been extracted by our Forwarder.

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Crane fed tracked chipper.JPG
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